PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle Mode Is Back, But Without ‘Idol Worship’

PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle Mode Is Back, But Without 'Idol Worship'

Earlier this month, PUBG Mobile introduced the ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode exclusive to the Sanhok map. However, ‘Idol-worshipping’ in the game mode angered Muslim players all over the world. Because of that, PUBG Mobile removed the new game mode through a small internal update.

At that time, we speculated that PUBG Mobile could bring the ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode without the Totems; and that’s what happened.

Initially, Totems in the Mysterious Jungle mode were to grant players with some wishes. However, the fact that players had to worship the totems infuriated Muslim players; because Idol-worshipping is prohibited in Islam.

We reached out to the PUBG Mobile team after they removed the Mysterious Jungle mode. Finally, we received a statement from Tencent spokesperson stating that the updated Jungle mode is back without the totems.

 “We respect the values, traditions, and practices of our players from all regions and we are always listening to our players. We have removed the gesture and relevant visuals of the totems in Jungle Mode, and the updated Jungle Mode has already released again.” – Tencent

PUBG Mobile also announced the arrival of Jungle mode on Twitter along with a video advertisement.

Everything else that was amazing about the game mode is still there. For instance, players can always find hot air balloons in Sanhok. Also, there is Jungle food, which could grant players some hidden powers.

We launched PUBG Mobile to test out if Mysterious Jungle mode is back. But unfortunately, the game mode wasn’t available. However, PUBG Mobile previously made it clear that the game mode will not be available every time we play Sanhok.

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