PUBG Mobile Lite First Impressions Review: Same As Original PUBG?

PUBG Mobile Lite Review

A new PUBG game has been launched in India and I’m here with the initial impressions review of PUBG Mobile Lite. For those who don’t know, the game is a lightweight version of the massive hit game PUBG Mobile.

Compared to PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile Lite only has a 500MB download file size and is designed to run on smartphones with as low as 2GB of RAM. PUBG Mobile Lite is published by the Chinese company Tencent Games which is also behind the PUBG Mobile (original) and Call of Duty Mobile as well.

So without wasting any time, here are our first impressions review of the PUBG Mobile Lite —

PUBG Mobile Lite: System Requirements

PUBG Mobile Lite will run on any smartphone with 2GB of RAM and a decent processor. The game only requires 500MB of storage. For comparison, the largest map of the original PUBG Mobile requires 403MB of space.

As we will see in the PUBG Mobile Lite review that the game scales back on a number of features of the original game. PUBG Mobile Lite has been launched to bring in a huge audience that was left-back due to the absence of a powerful smartphone.

PUBG Mobile Lite Review: First Look at Graphics and Settings

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs PUBGM Graphics
PUBG Mobile Lite Graphics

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs PUBGM Comparison
PUBG Mobile Graphics

The first thing you’ll notice in PUBG Mobile Lite is downgraded colors and graphics. In the settings menu of PUBG Mobile Lite, there is no Graphics tab and you can’t change the visuals of the game.

As a result, the textures of the characters as well of the surrounding areas look very low in quality. In the settings menu overall, there are fewer tabs to tinker around.

The language option in the settings offers seven languages as compared to 13 languages in the PUBG Mobile original.

In PUBG Mobile Lite there is no option to choose matchmaking or chat language in the settings menu. While both of these options are present in PUBG Mobile original.

Other changes to the PUBG Lite include the absence of “Clan,” “Crew,” and “Armory” options; instead, there are “Season,” “Rank” and “Inventory” tabs available.

Also, instead of the Royal Pass, the PUBG Mobile Lite features Winners Pass which grants players additional loot prizes.

PUBG Mobile Lite: Gameplay Impressions

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs PUBGM Gameplay
PUBG Mobile Lite Gameplay

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs PUBGM Gameplay Comparison
PUBG Mobile Gameplay

The PUBG Mobile Lite has two game modes namely ‘Classic’ and ‘Arcade.’ In the classic mode, which can feature up to 60 players, there’s only one map currently available, which is named Erangel. In Arcade mode, there’s again the only map available which unlocks at Level 10 named War.

In PUBG Mobile original there are three modes and several different maps. I expect the small list of PUBG Mobile Lite to increase in the future as the number of people starts joining in.

Let’s talk about the actual gameplay now.

The PUBG Mobile Lite gameplay consists of the same game mechanics as the original game. The graphics look a bit dull and the colors look a bit faded but the overall controls are absolutely similar.

One noticeable difference between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile gameplay was the absence of a quick chat option in the Lite Version.

There were some noticeable glitches in the game as well. While moving inside a building I could notice the shadows coming through the ceiling inside the room. This glitch is a serious problem as it could give away your position to any other player inside a particular building.

Other than that, all the other gameplay functions of PUBG Mobile Lite work similarly to the PUBG Mobile original version. All vehicles, guns, and other items are all present in the PUBG Mobile Lite.

There is also bad news for all those players who like to play on international servers. PUBG Mobile Lite only has two servers available, namely in Asia and South America. Compare it to the PUBG Mobile original, which has six servers located across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and you’ll start to notice the lack of a good player base.

Other important gameplay changes in the PUBG Lite include:

  • Ability to Heal while Moving
  • Increased Time to Kill
  • Increased bullet damage
  • No bullet drop effect
  • Shooter gets exposed within mini map range
  • Increased Loot

PUBG Mobile Lite: First Impressions Conclusion

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs PUBGM Review
PUBG Mobile Lite Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile Lite by Tencent gaming is an attempt to highjack the ever-expanding player base of smartphone gamers. The lower system requirement of the game ensures that no matter the smartphone, the user is able to play the game without any hiccups.

In its current state, the PUBG Mobile Lite lacks some important features like Graphics settings and some good quality maps. However, the changes which the PUBG Mobile Lite brings along with it could ultimately spell success in the game’s favor.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Review

Yetnesh Dubey



PUBG Mobile Lite is a trimmed-down version of the original game that promises an equally great experience, albeit in a less visually appealing package.


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