Riot Games Announces New ‘Riot Client’ To House All Its Games

Riot Games Announced New 'Riot Client' To House All Its Games
Image: Riot Games

Riot Games has joined the lines of studios launching a single game client for all their games. The studio has promised fans that it will soon launch ‘Riot Client.’ The new user interface in the talks will give players access to all games under one roof.

In the press release, Riot Games mentioned that the rollout of the new Client would begin shortly, starting September 20th. The new user interface will add all the titles from Riot Games from ‘League of Legends,’ ‘Legends of Runeterra,’ ‘Valorant’ in one client.

But why do you need one?

Before we reach out to the new client, Riot Games already has game clients, but separate ones, one game client for each game. However, the new user interface aims to centralize all your games with Riot.

To put it simply, the new Riot Client will act as a central hub for all your games. This will save you the hassle of logging into multiple clients as you proceed to play each game, enabling users to put in their login credentials for all their games just once. In addition, downloading and installing games will be a breeze with a centralized hub.

While introducing the new Riot Client is good news to get your game library sorted, one question arises: will it replace older game clients for different games? Short answer, no, it will not. The new user interface will assimilate to older clients, appearances of game-specific clients will remain unchanged.

For all Valorant players, the anti-cheat software for Valorant will only be added to the computer when installing Valorant. Vanguard is not part of the new user interface. According to Riot, players need not manually install the new user interface, and the new client will not take up more space on your computer.

While the rollout starts on September 20th, you can expect a global rollout on October 4th. The users who have more questions on their minds can visit the Riot support page for answers.

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