PUBG Mobile Brings Subscription Plans For Us And It’s Not A Joke

PUBG Mobile
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Popular battle royale game PUBG has just announced its subscription system, and while users initially thought it to be an April Fool’s prank, PUBG Mobile has confirmed that it’s not.

PUBG Mobile, via a tweet, has introduced two subscription plans: PUBG Prime and PUBG Prime Plus, both for Android and iOS users.

Starting with PUBG Prime, the subscription plan will allow users to purchase in-game items in exchange for BP (Battle Points) for seven days or 30 days. Users will be able to collect five UC (Unknown Cash) daily, totaling up to 150 UC per month.

As for the PUBG Prime Plus plan, users will be able to buy products for seven days, 30 days, or even permanently. He or she will get a hold of 20 UC a day, a total of 600 UC per month.

Additional benefits include up to 10 RP points daily, everyday discounts on in-game items, and a 50% discount on the first classic crate lottery every day.

The PUBG Prime subscription pack is priced at $0.99 (Rs 85) per month; the PUBG Prime Plus plan initially costs $9.99 (Rs 850) per month but is available at a discounted price of $4.99 (Rs 400) per month.

It is further suggested that the subscription plans for Android and iOS will differ; the latter will be slightly cheaper.

However, there is nothing official by PUBG about the price difference yet. So, stay tuned for further updates.

To recall, PUBG’s ban in the Indian state of Gujarat has been lifted, and the introduction of new subscription plans could prove beneficial for the game, attracting more users.

Will you buy the new subscription plans by PUBG? Comment below with your answers and keep reading Fossbytes.

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