President Obama Gives Order to Build World’s Fastest Supercomputer

obama worlds fastest supercomputer
obama worlds fastest supercomputer
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Short Bytes : President Obama has issued an Executive Order to establish NSCI to ensure that US gets the world’s fastest supercomputer and continues to lead the world in terms of technology and high-performance computing.

When it comes to technology, The United States likes to be the best. Let it be the advanced military arsenal, space explorations, the Silicon Valley hub, the world’s best IT companies, and what not. One thing that the US doesn’t have its name on is the world’s fastest supercomputer.

President Obama has asked the US scientists to bring a change to the list and build a supercomputer which is 20 times faster than China’s Tianhe-2, the world’s fastest supercomputer. Literally meaning Milky Way-2, the Chinese supercomputer processes at an exorbitant speed of 33.9 petaflops.

The scientists are aiming to create the supercomputer that would be capable of making one quintillion calculations per second or you can say one exaflop of computing prowess.

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The President has issued an Executive Order to establish the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) in order to build the world’s fastest computer that will allow them to analyse galaxies, weather, molecular interactions, and this list continues, all such with greater efficiency. The supercomputer will ensure the numerical processing required to build futuristic Artificial Intelligence in addition to national security benefits like designing IED-resistant vehicle designs.

Although, the US has 3 supercomputers in the Top 5 list a faster and more precise supercomputer will ensure big data analysis and complex simulations to further benefit the nation. The computer with such a processing power would be called an exascale machine.

Supercomputers are a way to show a country’s progress in terms of technology. Intel is already working on developing the world’s fastest supercomputer for the US Department of Energy.

Research is going on to create a power efficient supercomputer and it would take several years to build one. For now, the scientists are aiming for a 60-megawatt system.

Source: White House

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