First 1/4 Mile Drag Results: Porsche Taycan Faster Than A Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model S Porsche Taycan Drag
Image Credit: DragTimes

One of the most popular electric cars, the Tesla Model S is pretty fast but the quarter-mile drag race timings of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S electric car are out and it seems like the Porsche could be faster than Tesla after all.

The quarter-mile time was measured on an official drag-strip by Brooks from the YouTube channel DragTimes. However, as you’ll see, the track wasn’t prepped for the race which in turn affected the Taycan’s performance.

Even with an unprepared race track, the Tesla Model S rival scored some amazing quarter-mile time. Before saying anything I’ll let you watch the video first.

Porsche Taycan Quarter-Mile Drag Race Reveals It Could Be Faster Than The Tesla Model S

Before we begin, let’s quickly take a look at the specs of the Porsche Taycan. Tesla Model S killer, Porsche Taycan, comes with two electric motors – one on each axle. It is an All Wheel Drive vehicle that uses a 2-speed transmission. Porsche Taycan Turbo S makes about 750 HP and 774 lb-ft of torque.

Brooks ran the Porsche Taycan electric car for a total of four official passes or attempts. Before the race, Brooks made all the pre-race preparations from his side. He charged the Porsche Taycan at an Electrify America supercharger for about 54 mins. Tesla Superchargers are unavailable for other cars as they use proprietary equipment.

This is why the likes of the Tesla Model S have an added advantage over non-Tesla cars. However, the Electrify America charger was fast enough as well. The 350 kW charger juiced up the Taycan’s battery up to 100% from 25% in the above mentioned time.

Tesla Model S Porsche Taycan Drag Race
Image Credit: DragTimes

Then began the first attempt, Brooks activated the launch control and went super fast, completing the quarter-mile in just 10.529 seconds at a speed of 126.84 mph. The drag strip wasn’t completely flat as there was also a 1.29% uphill grade.

The timing of his first quarter-mile drag attempt was great, but the tires of the Porsche Taycan kept spinning. This was the result of an unprepared race track and therefore the Porsche Taycan’s performance was affected during each of the four attempts Brooks did.

Of the four attempts, the second attempt was the fastest. The Porsche Taycan electric car ran a quarter-mile in just 10.522 seconds with a 129.48 MPH.

Brooks also attempted an unprepped acceleration test. Porsche Taycan Turbo S achieved a speed of 60 mph from a standstill in just 2.42 seconds. This acceleration is pretty close to the performance of a Tesla Model S P100D.

When Is Tesla Model S Vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S Drag Race Coming?

Tesla Model S Porsche Taycan Drag Preview
Tesla Model S P100D Vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Image Credit: DragTimes

Later in the video, Brooks analyzed all the problems which the Porsche Taycan Turbo S faced during the race. The tires of the electric car kept spinning and what added to the performance drop was the headwind.

It was very windy at the time of testing. Brooks revealed the effect it had on Taycan’s performance in the car’s 60-130 MPH acceleration. When going against the wind, the Taycan took 8.04 seconds to go from 60 to 130 MPH. When coming back to the track in a tailwind, the car was faster at 7.22 seconds.

Brooks mentioned that according to the Drag Times’ database, the best time for a Tesla Model S in a quarter-mile drag is 10.5 seconds. He argues that Porsche Taycan will be much faster than the Tesla Model S P100D under the right conditions.

So in short, the Porsche Taycan had a pretty good run even with the tire spin. So it’d be interesting to see what happens when it goes toe-to-toe against the Model S.

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