Elon Musk Raises The Immediate Need For Exceptional Engineers

Elon Musk Electric Aircraft

Elon Musk said, “There is a fundamental limitation of exceptional engineers,” when asked about the possibility of Tesla making electric aircraft. He said this on the Hyperchange Podcast on YouTube. The statement comes after he was asked to comment regarding Tesla’s current financial growth.

The show’s host said, “It seems like, with more financial help means you can spend more on R&D.” To which Elon replied, “That’s not how it works.”

“It’s not like if we just had more money you could spend it effectively on R&D. But if there was a factory producing excellent engineers, that’d be true,” Elon concluded.

Elon’s statement is a lesson for operating any startup or even a mid-sized company. Through very stringent use of resources, Elon and his CFO Zach Kirkhorn dragged their company out of near bankruptcy to profitability.

Elon Musk Says There Won’t Be Tesla Electric Aircraft In The Near Future

Elon was further asked about the possibility of Tesla ever making electric airplanes. To which he explained that airplane manufacturing is a whole different ballpark. In his own words: “There aren’t any car companies that are also aircraft companies.”

“I think it’s incredibly difficult to bring an aircraft to production and meet all the regulatory requirements worldwide. It’s a very difficult thing,” he added.

Elon didn’t completely rule out the idea of making an electric aircraft. He simply said that he’d have to skip doing a bunch of other things, like making cars or manufacturing solar panels.

He said that an electric VTOL could come in the near future. “All transport will be electric, except for rockets,” Elon further said.

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