Netflix Will Let You Get Rid Of Annoying “Are You Still Watching?” Prompts

Netflix are you still watching

Have you ever tried binge-watching a Netflix series and internally vented every time you were asked, “Are you still watching?” If yes, then your days of being pestered by the annoying pop-up are probably numbered.

According to The Verge, Netflix is testing a feature that would allow users to disable the “Are you still watching?” prompt.

The new feature was rolled out for testing in certain regions some time ago. And, it is still being tested before being released globally.

Right now, Netflix subliminally tests your patience by displaying the “Are you still watching?” message after every three episodes on a single-run.

Although the pop-up comes in handy for those who want to keep a check on their TV time, more often than not, it turns out quite annoying.

The prompt can be especially irritating when you are on a binge-watch marathon and don’t want your favorite show to be interrupted periodically.

Sounds like an issue, right? And, I haven’t even mentioned the hassle of reaching for the TV remote after every third episode.

Thankfully, the new feature will seemingly eliminate this problem and give you more control.

Users on Twitter reported the new feature allowed them to select “Play without asking again” on the first prompt. Once selected, users were able to binge-watch all they wanted without being bothered by the video player again.

The new feature is great for convenient, uninterrupted binge-watching and thus a welcome addition. The overwhelmingly positive social media reaction it has received definitely confirms this.

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