PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Confirmed By Hacker, Pirated Games Now A Possibiltiy

playstation 4 jailbreak hacked
playstation 4 jailbreak hacked

playstation-4-jailbreak-hackedShort Bytes: Sony’s PlayStation 4 is now successfully jailbroken. A hacker has claimed to have developed a completely jailbroken version of the gaming console with the help of a kernel exploit.

A hacker, known as CTurt, has claimed that he has successfully jailbroken Sony PlayStation 4. Hacking this popular gaming console was a top priority of the hackers since its release in the United States.

CTurt claims to develop a fully jailbroken version of PlayStation 4, using a previously created kernel exploit. This jailbreak means that pirated games, custom firmware, and applications unapproved by Sony can now run on the gaming console.

The hacker has mentioned that the exploit is currently available for version 1.76 of PlayStation 4. The jailbreak of other versions should be expected to the daylight in coming weeks.

While this jailbreak can be used by CTurt and other hackers to design their own custom PS4 firmware, it could also be used to run pirated software in the gaming console.  Also read: No, ISIS Didn’t Use PlayStation 4 To Plan Paris Attacks The Twitter account of the hacker posted that now it’s possible to successfully dump the RAM from other processes like SceShellUI.

It’s quite obvious that Sony won’t be pleased to hear this and will make sure that no vulnerabilities exist on PS4’s latest firmware version. The company might also consider some legal actions against the hacker in near future.

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