Google Chrome 71 Will Block Abusive Ads On Websites


Google said that it would block abusive ads from popping up, in the Chrome 71 which is set to release in December. Chrome 71 will improve user experience via blocking all kinds of misleading and intrusive advertising, or what Google calls “abusive experiences.” These include:

  • Fake messages
  • Unexpected click areas
  • Misleading site behavior
  • Phishing
  • Auto redirect
  • Mouse pointer
  • Malware or unwanted Software
  • Ads with missing or misleading branding

With existing tools like pop-up blockers and autoplay protection, Google is already serious with the security of the user. Now, the company is getting more strict around false ads. In Chrome 71, Google will blacklist mischevious websites that would come under its radar.

After the site is added to the blacklist, owner of the website will be given a 30-day span to remove any malicious content on their website, reported under the abusive experiences. If the owner fails to do so, Google will remove all the ads on the site, regardless of their intent.

The latest crackdown on the misleading ads isn’t something new. ZDNet notes that Google announced this mechanism for Chrome 64, back in November 2017, however with Chrome 71, the company will be more harsh towards the offenders.

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