Play Fortnite At 120FPS On iPad Pro

All thanks to the latest update to Epic Games’ Fortnite, the free-to-play battle royale game can now be played at 120FPS on iPad Pro. So, Fortnite players using iPad Pro can get even smoother gameplay, which is just amazing. What’s more to this new update is that it brings support for L3 and R3 analog thumbstick buttons.

The gameplay on the current-gen consoles is still restricted at 60FPS. So, a 120FPS gameplay is something that even PS4 and Xbox One versions of Fortnite can’t achieve. This means that Fortnite players running the game at 60FPS or 30FPS will have no option but to envy the iPad Pro users.

The mobile framerate at 120FPS also lets you see the full potential of ProMotion display on iPad Pro. Because if you combine a 120Hz display with 120FPS, then your gaming experience reaches a new height.

How To Enable 120FPS Fortnite Settings On iPad Pro?

You can manually extend the mobile framerate settings up to 120FPS for Fortnite by going to the game’s video settings.

Just so you know, as soon as you enable 120FPS, the graphics quality will automatically switch to medium. You have to compromise this much as this is done to make sure your device doesn’t heat up. Moreover, this helps reduce the impact on the battery life of your device.

The only downside to this is that the players using 120FPS settings will obviously have a considerable advantage over players who are running the game at lower FPS settings.

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