Alexa Says “I Am Not Reminding You Sh*t” In Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice

Alexa Voice Samuel L jackson

If you ever had this weird desire to hear Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic “Motherf—er!” and him unabashedly dropping f-bombs; Well, just so you know, now you can with Amazon Alexa.

To make it a little fun, Amazon has put up Samuel L. Jackson’s saltier tone as the new Alexa voice. Users will need to pay $1 in order to install the actor’s voice.

Following the payment, Alexa users can simply say the command, “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” in order to activate the voice.

Users can choose between SLJ’s clean language and dirty language, however, know that Nick Fury doesn’t like to sugarcoat his words. Besides, SLJ’s wise talk might get you to do things, which you have been procrastinating for days.

There are a bunch of things that you can ask Samuel L. Jackson. You can ask him to tell jokes, wish you Merry Christmas or sing Jingle Bells. However, it won’t be smooth with SLJ’s choice of words.

Users can also ask the actor about his personal life, things like what’s his favorite movie, if he likes music, his greatest achievement, his secret for success, and a lot more. Here is a list of questions that you can ut up for SLJ.

Unfortunately, Samuel L. Jackson’s voice does not work with shopping, lists, reminders, or Alexa Skills. So, if you ask him to do one of those things, SLJ will simply say, “I am not reminding you sh*t.”

The new Alexa voice is part of Amazon’s Celebrity Voice Program where the company sets Alexa voice of prominent people.

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