TikTok Is Launching Live Subscriptions Beta This Week

TikTok Is Launching Live Subscriptions Beta This Week
Image: TikTok

TikTok will launch the Live Subscriptions feature this week to build a revenue stream for creators. The new feature’s beta phase will go live on 26 May 2022 and will include a select few creators from different domains. TikTok creators will now be able to engage with their followers better and bring them into the spotlight.

TikTok is trying to build a creator-focused ecosystem where they can generate a steady income. Now, the followers can join the Live Subscriptions and support their favorite TikTok personalities. just like Twitch.

TikTok Live Subscriptions

TikTok released a few short clips on its official @TikTokLIVE_creator channel to inform viewers about the new feature. It is still in the beta phase so only a few creators were invited to the program. Some even shared their joy on Twitter and were happy about the new monetization feature. A majority of the invitees are streamers but TikTok has made attempts to add creators from multiple content categories.

Once enables, TikTok creators can offer monthly subscription plans to their fans. Fans will get access to personalized live streams and can comment and garner recognition from their creator. Their badges will reflect the time for which they have been active. Moreover, the new feature could give paid subscribers to control the camera angle.

Live Subscriptions
Image: TikTok

Creators will also get an option to convert the live stream into a “subscribers-only” mode. This will stop anyone except subscribers from commenting on the live stream. TikTok Live Subscirpitons will make it convenient to conduct Q&As and limit trolling. Still, anyone can watch a live stream. It won’t be exclusive to a select few paid users like the Twitter Super Follow Spaces.


TikTok didn’t reveal the pricing plans in their announcement. But going by the industry standards, it could match the pricing that Twitch currently charges. Twitch has a $4.99 plan from which it takes a sizeable cut. TikTok could adopt a similar strategy of pricing for the Live Subscriptions feature.

There are a few stipulations for the creators to have more than 1000 followers to enable the feature. Creators must be 18 years or above. The age limit is the same for anyone who wishes to support their favorite creator.

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