Android PIe Device list

Now that Android Pie is live, the first thing that comes to our mind is when my Android device will receive the new update. The exciting new features of Android Pie and the whole gesture navigation thing is not something anyone would want to miss.

However, given the track record of smartphone manufacturers, Android latest versions have never been delivered right away. Don’t you remember how much time Android Oreo took to arrive on your device? Still, Android Oreo has not been able to take over Android Nougat regarding market share.

It’s entirely imaginable that while your device would get Android P, Google may have already released Android Q beta version. Android Q…Hmm! I wonder what Android Q will be called.

Anyway, the good news is Google is aware of the current situation. Hence, the Android One and Google Beta program.

But there is only so much Google can do. Honestly, phone makers couldn’t care less about which Android version you have. If your device shared a fair amount of limelight, welcome to Android update, or else, you know where to buy a new device.

That’s out of the way, let’s move on with our list of Android devices getting Android P. Remember, few of these are just educated guess so don’t take our word for it. However, we will be continuously updating this article as soon as we see any official announcements.

Complete list of smartphones receiving Android Pie

1. Google

Of course! Google’s own line of devices will be the first one to receive the latest Android version. In fact, as I speak, Google has already started rolling out Android Pie OTA (Over-the-air) updates to its devices —

  1. Google Pixel and Pixel XL
  2. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

It is doubtful that Android Pie will come on Nexus devices (Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X), considering the lost “update support” from Google itself.

On the other hand, all the Android One-powered devices will receive Android Pie later this fall –

  1. Nokia Android devices
  2. Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2, and Mi A2 Lite
  3. HTC U11 Life
  4. Motorola X4, Android One, and Android Power
  5. LG G7
  6. General Mobile (GM8, GM6, GM5, GM5+)
  7. Ymobile (S1, S2, X1)

Thanks to the Google Beta Program, many non-pixel devices got the opportunity to try out Android P beta version. So it is evident that the same beta program devices would also receive the final Android Pie version, perhaps way sooner than any device.

  1. Essential PH-1
  2. Vivo X21 and X21 UD
  3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  4. Sony Experia XZ2
  5. Nokia 7 Plus
  6. Oppo R15 Pro
  7. OnePlus 6

2. Nokia

Nokia has exponentially upped their game with the new line of Android devices. All of these devices work on Android One, Google’s parallel project which provides true stock experience on non-pixel devices.

Back in May, HMD global Marketing Manager, Niel Broadley, confirmed that Android P would be coming to the entire Nokia portfolio.

And a few days back, Google also announced that all Android One devices would get Android P later in 2018.

List of Nokia devices receiving Android Pie –

  1. Nokia 8 Sirocco, and Nokia 8
  2. Nokia 7 Plus
  3. Nokia 6.1, and Nokia 6
  4. Nokia 5.1, and Nokia 5
  5. Nokia 3.1, and Nokia 3
  6. Nokia 2.1, and Nokia 2
  7. Nokia 1

3. Essential Phone

Essential has already rolled out Android P OTA update for Essential device Phone.

Now, this is some revolutionary stuff. Seemingly, Essential is the first device manufacturer who has shipped Android latest version after Google Pixel.

Before this, Essential was part of Google beta program already having scope for an early stable release. But same day as Pixel! A total bolt from the blue.

4. OnePlus

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone-maker has already become one of the most popular Android brands. The high performing devices with reasonable price have charmed all the Android users around the world.

It would be a shame if OnePlus doesn’t roll out Android Pie on its devices. But rolling out on all devices, well I did not see that one coming. Only a few days back, OnePlus officially announced Android Pie will come on all of its devices, skipping the delayed Android Oreo (8.1) update altogether.

  1. One Plus 6
  2. One Plus 5T and One Plus 5
  3. One Plus 3T and 3

As of now, OnePlus has rolled out Android Pie based Oxygen OS beta 1 for its OnePlus 6 device. And the final Android Pie version is tentatively coming somewhere in December.

5. Xiaomi

One of the biggest players in budget smartphones, Xiaomi, utilizes Android Oreo-based MIUI for its devices. In 2017, Xiaomi brought first Android phone Xiaomi Mi A1 as part of Google Android One initiative.

And only recently, we saw Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite, both, carrying Android Oreo (as part of the Android One program). Xiaomi says all its Android devices will soon receive Android Pie. On the other hand, there is no official date on a new MIUI update.

Let’s look at the list of Xiaomi devices eligible for Android P (MIUI) update  –

  1. Xiaomi Mi mix, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 6 and Redmi 5
  3. Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer, Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE
  4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 5
  5. Xiaomi Mi 6

List of Xiaomi devices receiving Android Pie –

  1. Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite
  2. Xiaomi Mi A1

As for Xiaomi Android devices, we can expect the update at the onset of Q4 2018.

6. Huawei

Huawei is another Chinese smartphone maker whose massive sales have already unseated Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. Honor, a Huawei sub-brand, works on Android-based EMUI operating system.

The company has been active in updating their devices to the latest Android versions, and likely they will follow the same speed with Andoird Pie. Presently, Huawei has rolled out its Android Pie based EMUI 9 beta version for selected devices  –

List of Huawei devices getting Android Pie –

  1. Huawei P20 Pro
  2. Huawei P20
  3. Huawei Mate 10
  4. Huawei Mate 10 Pro


  1. Honor Play
  2. Honor View 10
  3. Honor 10

List of Huawei devices eligible for Android Pie –

  1. Huawei Nova 3
  2. Huawei Nova 3i
  3. Honor 9 and 10
  4. Huawei P20, P20 Pro, and P20 Lite
  5. Huawei Mate 20

Considering Huawei previous track records, the company would more likely to release Android Pie update in December.

7. Sony

Sony has done spectacularly in cameras, TV, consoles but the when it comes to the smartphone industry, the company is trying its best to stay in the competition. For instance, Sony XZ2 in the beta program which was a much-needed revival for the company.

As of now, Sony has promised users to update their Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z2 lineups to Android P starting in starting from November

List of Sony devices getting for Android Pie –

  1. Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
  2. Sony Xperia XZ2, and Xperia XZ2 compact
  3. Sony Xperia XZ1, and Xperia Z1 compact
  4. Sony Xperia XZ Premium
  5. Sony Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra (early 2019)
  6. Sony Xperia XA2 Plus (early 2019)

8. Samsung

If we’d have to rank device makers on the amount of time taken to release Android version; Samsung would probably stand at the end. Regardless, smiling, being the top manufacturers of the world

As expected, there is no comment on Android Pie. However, based on bits and pieces of information over the Internet, we can make a preliminary estimate on which Samsung devices would get to see the Google light.

List of Samsung devices eligible for Android P –

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  5. Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)
  6. Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)
  7. Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)
  8. Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018)
  9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung flagships like Note 9 and S9 series will first get Android Pie updates probably in Q2 2019.

9. LG

Korean electronic is gaining new heights, but its mobile division is continuously dropping with low sales every year. Although many LG devices are eligible for Android Pie, their hopeless phone market may prompt a much-delayed update rollout.

List of LG devices eligible for Android Pie –

  1. LG V35 ThinQ
  2. LG Q Stylus
  3. LG V30S Thin Q
  4. LG G7 Thin Q
  5. LG Q7
  6. LG V30+

9. HTC

HTC is steadily losing out in the smartphone market. In fact, many HTC smartphones even get lost in the back-to-back devices from Chinese companies, which is why the company is now trying to hold off its loyal consumers with Android Pie update.

HTC has announced that its HTC U lineup will be receiving Android Pie update. However, no timelines have been mentioned just yet.

List of HTC device receiving Android Pie –

  1. HTC U12+
  2. HTC U11
  3. HTC U11+
  4. HTC U11 Life

Since HTC U11 Life is an Android One device, it will likely to receive Android Pie update first.

Other device manufacturers that may focus on delivering Android Pie:


Blackberry recently launched their Android phone  – Blackberry Key 2. So you would see Android P on the device, but I cannot say the same for Blackberry Key 1.


Vivo has confirmed that it will release Android Pie its devices in Q 4 2018. Vivo X21 and X21 UD was part of Google beta program, so it is apparent that they will receive it first. Other Vivo devices which are eligible for Android Pie: Vivo Nex A, Nex S and Vivo V9.


As of now, speculation is Oppo Find X, Oppo R15, and Oppo R15 Pro will receive the Android P. Since Oppo R15 was part of the beta program, it is likely to get the update first.


Lenovo owned Motorola has always kept a consumer-centric model for their smartphones. Hence, we see Moto phones focus on affordable prices, fast applications, and a genuine android experience. And certainly, the company won’t hold back when it comes to new Android updates.

In the past, Motorola stated that they are working non-stop to optimize Android Pie for Moto devices.

Now, the company has officially announced a list of devices that will get Android Pie –

  1. moto z3
  2. moto z3 play
  3. moto z2 force edition
  4. moto z2 play
  5. moto x4
  6. moto g6 plus
  7. moto g6
  8. moto g6 play

As for the Android Pie roadmap, Motorola says they will start serving up Android Pie from this fall onwards.

Android Go devices

Android Go is primarily a stripped down version of Stock Android, targeted at lower end device (512 RAM and above) so that low budget phones not left out from the pure Google Pixel like experience.

Only recently, Google announced that it will release Android 9 Pie on more than 200 Android Go devices. Additionally, Android Go Google apps will get a major overhaul in the coming update.

Few of these apps are Google Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go, Files Go, Assistant Go, Android Messages.

List of Android Go eligible for Android Pie update:

  1. Alcatel 1X
  2. Nokia 1
  3. Nokia 2.1
  4. Moto E5 Play
  5. Huawei Y3 2018
  6. ASUS ZenFone Live L1
  7. General Mobile GM 8 Go
  8. LAVA Z50
  9. ZTE Weather Go
  10. Micromax Bharat Go

Know more about the difference between Android Go and Stock Android from here.

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