Now You Can Add Eight Participants On A WhatsApp Video Call

whatsapp video call limit increased to eight participants

WhatsApp recently increased the capacity of participants in video calls, from four to eight, for beta users. The feature is now available in the stable version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

Head to the App Store and update WhatsApp for iOS to enjoy video calls with eight participants. In the case of Android, the update has not yet arrived on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can get the latest WhatsApp APK v2.20.141 from the official website.

To have a video call with eight participants, make sure all the participants have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their smartphones.

WhatsApp vs. HouseParty

It seems Facebook-owned WhatsApp took the step of increasing participants’ capacity to compete with HouseParty. With more than 50 million monthly downloads, HouseParty has gained a lot of popularity. It also allows a maximum of 8 participants to join a video call.

WhatsApp’s new feature will help it in retaining its audience. Group calls on WhatsApp are also end-to-end encrypted, which isn’t the case in most video calling apps.

Separately, Facebook has launched another video calling service, Messenger Rooms, that allows video calls to go on for an unlimited time and allows 50 participants to enter.

Unlike WhatsApp, the service lacks end-to-end encryption. But Facebook has assured people that the company will store the  video call data

Messenger Room has been launched by Facebook to retain its audience that has switched to Zoom meetings. Zoom provides 40 minutes free video call to participants with a capacity of 100 participants.

Messenger Room will help Facebook in outclassing Zoom. Concerns over Zoom’s security and privacy issues will also help Facebook in the competition. Recently, the Indian government has asked the citizens to not use Zoom due to security concerns.

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