Updating Your Intel GPU Drivers Is Now Easier Than Ever

Intel Decouples GPU Drivers OEM Customization
Image: Depositphotos

If you have been waiting for the ages to get the latest GPU drivers from your device maker, then here is a good piece of news. Intel has released a new set of unlocked generic GPU drivers (version that users can install on their Windows 10 machines.

Usually, graphics driver updates released by device makers could take more time owning to all the hardware-specific modifications and customizations. However, this makes it difficult for users to keep up with the latest updates that fix any issues.

So, Intel has now decoupled its Windows 10 GPU drivers by making them free of OEM-related customizations. The new unlocked drivers are compatible with 6th Gen Intel processors (and later) and can run on Windows 10 1709 and newer versions.

While these drivers will overwrite your existing GPU drivers, Intel assures that no existing OEM customizations will be altered after the installation or in future updates. So, the users now have a choice between Intel generic drivers and the ones shipped by their OEMs.

Intel also says that OEMs can still deliver customizations via Windows Updates if they want to. However, it goes without saying that users should switch back to OEM drivers if they face any issues.

To get the latest drivers (version running on your Windows 10 PC, you can visit the Intel support page and click on the Download button on the left side. You can also download the Intel Drivers and Support Assistant app that can automatically update Intel GPU drivers on your system.

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