Open Source Friday: GitHub Declares Friday As “Open Source Day”

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Short Bytes: GitHub has launched a new initiative to encourage people and organizations to contribute to open source projects. As a part of this initiative, one can start by contributing to some open source projects every Friday. The interested users can start by working on some open source tool that’s used by their company. 

Open source software is used in every nook and corner of the world and it’s used by people to power the web. Be it Linux or other popular open source technologies, tech companies and independent developers are using open source to build new things and improve the existing infrastructure as well.

To make contributing to open source easier, in February we told you how to use GitHub and contribute to open source. To make it easier for the employees of companies to contribute to open source, GitHub also has taken steps like balance employee IP agreement. Going one step further, GiHub has today launched its latest initiative in the form of Open Source Friday.

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What is Open Source Friday?

GitHub is calling Open Source Friday a structured program for helping you contribute to open source. Internally, GitHub has been encouraging its employees to contribute to open source projects at least every fourth Friday.

GitHub has also launched a website to encourage others to take a similar initiative.

Here’s what you can do: You can encourage yourself, your friends, your team or company to contribute to open source tools your company relies on. You can start small, e.g., spending two hours every Friday working on some open source projects.

You can go ahead and take part in Open Source Friday by signing up using your GitHub account.

Did you like GitHub’s Open Source Friday initiative? Share your views in the comments section.

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