iPhone 14 Launch Date Is Out, But Are You Excited?

iPhone 14 supply chain issues
Image: Apple

Finally, the iPhone 14 launch dates are out. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that the iPhone launch is set to happen on 7 September 2022. Mark has sourced this information from insiders, and his sources usually reveal the true dates.

But iPhone 14 isn’t the only exciting thing happening this year. Apple already announced macOS 13 and iOS 16, and developers and enthusiasts are exploring every nook and cranny of these operating systems. However, the main source of growth for Apple has been iPhone, and it hopes that the trend continues.

iPhone 14 Launch Date: Same as the 13?

Over the past six months, we saw multiple rumors, speculations, and expectations of enthusiasts about the new iPhone. This year Apple will launch four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Ignoring the excessive use of Pro and Max in every phone model, the last two phone models will sport a bigger 6.7 inches display. The base model and the iPhone Max will sport 6.1-inch displays.

iPhone Mini was a distinguishable product that didn’t achieve the success Apple expected. Mini didn’t sell that much and contributed to the iPhone sales as compared to the base and Pro models. Apple’s decision to scrape iPhone Mini might upset some users, but in reality, users love the big screen and big cameras on iPhone now.

Less Than 8% iPhone Users Want To Upgrade To iPhone 14 When It Launches
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The standard and the Max models will house the A15 chip, while the other two expensive variants will get the more powerful A16. The decision not to include the new chip inches models is purely a cost-cutting tactic to keep the cost of the new iPhone appealing while not destroying the profit margin.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will pack upgraded camera modules and a 48-megapixel camera with 8K video recording capabilities. There could also be a new pill-shaped notch that everyone is excited about. Apart from that, multiple variants of the Apple Watch 8, iPad, Mac, and other products are expected to launch. We will keep you updated about the event and share the live link when the date arrives.

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