Why Should Every Developer Contribute To Open Source Software?


importance of open source softwareShort Bytes: Since the beginning of the free and open source software movement, a lot has changed. Today, open technologies are being used by millions of individuals and companies to make their products better. Open source software development also brings numerous benefits to a developer and here we are going to talk more about the same.

In the simplest language, open source means that source code used to make a software is accessible to any developer sitting anywhere in the world. They can study that code, find bugs in them, and improve them.

But, what is the importance of open source software for developers? What keeps them motivated to keep on working on the projects that are ruling the world but aren’t for sale?

If you take a look at different surveys, you’ll come to know that an average software developer spends 5-7 hours a week on open source software and side projects. For them, it’s a path to achieve something greater.

As the key point of open source development revolves around encouraging conversation and interactions to make its community bigger. By working on a free and open source software, a developer gets the chance to collaborate with fellow developers spread across the world.

Many open source projects are started by their developers as a fun or side project. The same is true for Linux, the most popular open source project of all time that was started by Linus Torvalds as a fun project.

Another inspiring thought that pushes a developer to code open source software is the will to make things better. Very often developers find that collaborating with an army of developers is the best way to do things and tell the world about their ideas.

When a project or organization follows the open source philosophy, it becomes open and no single person controls it and uses the same for personal benefit. While working on an open source project, one also develops lots of connections, making more friends in the industry.

More often, developers also feel that it’s fair to contribute back to the tech world and work to make this world a better and smarter place. The same thinking also inspires fossBytes to bring the latest open source news to you and help you learn new things.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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