OnePlus 7 Leak Depicts A Bezel-less Design With No Notch

OnePlus 7 Leak
Image: Slashleaks

By the end of 2018, we saw some amazing bezel-less screens from different phone manufacturers. So, it’s only natural that this smartphone technology trend will continue to rise in 2019 as well.

For the very reason, the latest OnePlus 7 leak on Slashleaks is worthy of my faith. The successor to OnePlus 6T device not only appears to be bezel-less but also encompasses a notch-free design. as well.

As you will notice in the image, OnePlus 6T, which comes with a tear drop-down notch, is kept neck-to-neck with an unknown phone. However, the device on the left has “Never Settle” widget on the screen and notification icons, resembling the OnePlus devices.

Going bezel-less seems to be the obvious call, but the picture doesn’t answer the most significant question — Where is OnePlus is planning to put the camera?

Last year, we saw manufacturers coming with different hacks for attaining a full-screen display. For instance, Vivo introduced us with a pop-up camera which wasn’t much appreciated, apart from the fact of thinking out-of-the-box.

Following which, Oppo started the trend of a pop-up slider which is still a hack to me, given it adds more weight and bulkiness to the phone. Nevertheless, the pop-up camera slider has become the drill, and now many manufacturers, including Xiaomi have come up with their own variant.

Considering OnePlus is always desperate to follow the trends, it is extremely plausible to see the OnePlus 7 coming with a pop-up slider.

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