OPPO Could Launch A Foldable Smartphone In February 2019

Oppo Foldable smartphone
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Amongst various tech companies making their way into the foldable arena, OPPO is now the new rumored entrant to hop onto the foldable smartphone league.

According to the Dutch tech website Tweakers, the Chinese company’s product manager, Chuck Wang has suggested that the company will soon launch its first-ever foldable smartphone, preferably during Mobile World Congress (MWC) scheduled for February 2019.

However, details regarding the new foldable smartphone by OPPO are still under wraps.

For those who have forgotten, Samsung, after various rumors finally showcased its foldable smartphone two weeks ago. Dubbed the Galaxy F, it comes with the Infinity Flex display rated at 7.3-inch which will decrease to 4.8-inch when folded. The display comes with an aspect ratio rated at 2,152 x 1,536 pixels.

While not much is known about Samsung’s foldable smartphone, it is expected to cost more than $1,700 and might feature a new Multiactive Window feature.

Another company- Rouyu launched the FlexPai foldable smartphone much before any other company. The smartphone comes with a 7.8-inch display that becomes a 4-inch one when bent.

FlexPai has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor, dual cameras, 5G support, and three RAM/ROM variants: 6GB RAM/128GB ROM, 8GB RAM/256GB ROM and 8GB RAM/512GB ROM.

Additionally, companies such as Huawei and LG are expected to unveil their foldable devices next year.

To know more about OPPO’s foldable smartphone, stay tuned!

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