Official Ubuntu Flavor Mythbuntu Linux Is Dead. What About My TV Shows?



Short Bytes: The developers of the Mythbuntu Linux distribution have announced that the development of the official Ubuntu flavor will come to an end in the coming future. The reason stated is the lack of manpower of work on updates and bug fixing. For MythTV, the users can install Xubuntu and add Mythbuntu repository.

The developers of the Mythbuntu Linux distribution have announced that “Mythbuntu as a sperate distribution will cease to exist”. Mythbuntu is an official Ubuntu flavor which uses the Xfce4 desktop environment. It’s mainly deployed on the MythTV digital video recorder and leaves unnecessary Ubuntu applications out of its standard installation.

In the blog post, Thomas Mashos notes that Mythbuntu’s existence is vital to the MythTV but points towards the shrunk team size–reduced from 10 to 2 devs–as the main reason for pulling off Mythbuntu. Apache Open Office project is also facing a volunteer crisis but it is still fighting for its existence. Despite enabling automation, the team still finds it difficult to keep up with timely ISO release schedules as well as maintenance of the existing versions.

The first Mythbuntu Linux distribution release was based on Ubuntu 7.10 and the latest one depends on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Xenial Xerus. Smosh writes that Mythbuntu ISO, Mythbuntu-desktop package, and Mythbuntu-control-centre will not be available in future.

The users who want to configure the MythTV can install Xubuntu and add Mythbuntu Repositories–having the MythTV package–to it. This way, the users can use the DVR to record and watch their favorite TV shows.

If you are sad about the discontinuation of Mythbuntu, you can contribute to the project. The developers will be happy to hand it over to you.

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