Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Merges Xbox Live Gold And Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Credit: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines the Xbox Live Gold membership and the Game Pass. The new service costs $15 per month and is currently only available to select Xbox insider members.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be officially launched later this year. And in case you were wondering, the new service does not save you any money.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also offering three months of Xbox Game Pass for 1$, provided you have not yet used the service and own a credit card.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Details

The new Game Pass service costs $180 annually, however, separate subscriptions of Xbox Gold membership and Standard Game Pass also cost $180 per year.

However, for Indian users, the current subscription of the Xbox game pass costs Rs. 5,249 and the Xbox Live subscription is priced at Rs. 3,216. Both costs combined and converted to dollars equals to $120, which is still a pretty sweet deal.

Compare it with Sony’s PS Now and PS Plus service, both of whom have no chance of merging any time soon, and still cost around 60 dollars + taxes.

My personal favorite is the Xbox Game Pass service compared to Sony’s PlayStation Now because it offers a plethora of backwards compatible games and also the option to download all of them.

A recent update on PS Now added the option to download new and old PlayStation titles on the PS4. But, it still isn’t as seamless as the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Gold Live vs. PlayStation Plus

Both services offer multiplayer gameplay and are almost at the same cost. But the free titles, handed out to gamers by each service, differ a lot. Xbox, on the one hand, gives more AAA titles in its monthly Xbox Games with Gold service while Sony usually releases lesser known indie titles with its PS Plus feature.

Furthermore, due to backwards compatibility, Xbox gets to offer 4 free games every month, two from Xbox One and 2 from Xbox 360. Sony, due to the architecture difference between PS4 and PS3 is stuck to offer only 2 PS4 titles every month.

While Sony abandoned streaming through PS Now, another upcoming console, Google Stadia, has adopted it. The streaming console has raised more than a few eyebrows due to its high internet requirements. Still, several developers are showing interest in the new console from Google.

Sony will rectify all of its gaming problems with PlayStation 5. It is the future gaming console from the company, which you can read all about down below.

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