Nvidia Teases How Minecraft Will Look Like With RTX Ray Tracing

Nvidia Teases How Minecraft Will Look Like With RTX Ray Tracing

In August 2019, Nvidia and Mojang announced that they have partnered up to bring RTX ray tracing in the Windows version of Minecraft. However, we didn’t have any definite release date for the miracle to take place.

Full ray-traced rendering isn’t very common, as very few games use ray tracing throughout rendering. That is why, without any demo, it was hard to imagine how Minecraft will look like with RTX.

Well, Nvidia just released two videos explaining how ray-tracing is going to work in Minecraft. We still don’t have any release date for the same; however, it is still amazing to watch Nvidia going all in to build ray-tracing into the game.

The initiative by Nvidia is impressive because they’ll be building ray tracing in Minecraft layer by layer. It isn’t just an algorithm that’ll guess how things should look like in the game. It further means that the texture, lightning, shadows, details, and reflections in the game will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Also, the videos flaunting the technicality of this endeavor confirms that the RTX in Minecraft is close to completion, and it will be “coming soon.”

Moreover, before releasing the RTX ray tracing in Minecraft, NVIDIA wants to tease how the game will actually look. That is why the company drafted three Minecraft creators to demonstrate how impressive RTX works in Minecraft.

There’s no confusion that Minecraft will look amazing with ray tracing. Also, by doing this, NVIDIA is setting a new benchmark for other gaming consoles.

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