NVIDIA Graphics in PC? Windows 10 Automatic Updates Can Break Your Computer

windows update nvidia driver problem
windows update nvidia driver problem


The official Windows 10 launch is just a couple of days away and the early testers are using the preview builds and reporting the bugs to Microsoft. In the wake of this upcoming release, last week Microsoft confirmed that every Windows 10 update, at least for Home users, will be automatically installed and mandatory. This has created a stir in the Windows user community due to some obvious fears like buggy updates, capped data plans etc.

Reported by Forbes, this Windows 10 automatic updates system has started giving some users a headache. Many people are complaining about the problem caused due to the automatic updates to NVIDIA drivers. Users are flocking to the NVIDIA support forums to report the problems in multimonitor setups and dual card configurations. In some cases, these Windows 10 automatic updates can even kill your PC, pushing into the recovery mode.

On NVIDIA forums, people are writing messages like: “Custom resolution doesn’t work with this driver… can I roll back to the old driver WITHOUT WINDOWS 10 installing this driver every time? god damn it’s annoying” and “353.54 still crashes badly with BF4 in Surround“.

People are experiencing random crashes and some games like Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 are suffering from graphics issues. Talking about the multimonitor, one user comments: “please pull these off windows update!!! It makes my second monitor not work. and lots of flickering! please. I roll back and windows update reinstalls them :/

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Why NVIDIA drivers are experiencing problems with Windows 10 automatic updates?

This problem has occurred due to a conflict between NVIDIA’s own drives and Windows 10 automatic updates- causing problems in NVIDIA’s software management tool GeForce Experience. The updated driver versions 353.54 for NVIDIA is available only via Windows 10 automatic update, and it doesn’t reveal the actual driver number before the install. So, NVIDIA GeForce Experience tries to downgrade the driver as it thinks that the pre-installed driver was newer.

The real problem lies in the fact that updates are not optional and more people are expected to get affected as the driver is widely released. This conflict between the Windows 10 automatic updates and update utilities of system manufacturers will result in an upgrade loop. We are hoping that this Windows 10 automatic updates problem is addressed by Microsoft as it can’t be ignored.

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