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This is the 4th post in the series covering top open source projects by most popular companies in the world. Today, we are covering the top Airbnb Open Source projects. Airbnb, which has made an incredible progress in a couple of years, and has open sourced some great projects on GitHub. Airbnb also hosted OpenAir 2015, their second technology conference, sometime in June 2015 and they had an amazing turnout of bright minds from across the industry, more than doubling the attendance from 2014.

Companies open source software for a number of reasons, including engendering good will and allowing third-parties to refine their code. Airbnb, like Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and more traditional companies such as Walmart Stores, sees freeing up code as a great way to advertise its technological prowess while contributing software back to the community from which it borrows heavily.

Anything that is completely core and unique to our business.. we’ll keep that, But if it’s something that could be useful to lots of companies… then let’s put it out there.Mike Curtis, vice president of engineering at Airbnb

Well, that’s really a bold statement and Airbnb no doubt followed that and open sourced some of its very useful tools to the community.  Following is the list of top Airbnb Open Source projects:

Airpal | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Airpal is a Web UI and query builder for PrestoDB. We have already discussed prestoDB while discussing Facebook’s open source bucket. This Airbnb open source project Airpal provides the ability to find tables, see metadata, browse sample rows, write and edit queries, then submit queries all in a web interface. Once queries are running, users can track query progress and when finished, get the results back through the browser as a CSV (download it or share it with friends). The results of a query can be used to generate a new Hive table for subsequent analysis, and Airpal maintains a searchable history of all queries run within the tool.

Airpal | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Airflow | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Airflow is use to create workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks. It is very similar to Apache Oozie for Hadoop. The Airflow scheduler executes your tasks on an array of workers while following the specified dependencies. Rich command line utilities make performing complex surgeries on DAGs a snap. The rich user interface makes it easy to visualize pipelines running in production, monitor progress, and troubleshoot issues when needed.

Airflow | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Aerosolve | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Aerosolve is a machine learning package/library that enables humans to partner with a machine in a symbiotic way exceeds the capabilities of humans or machines alone. This Airbnb open source project Aerosolves library is meant to be used with sparse, interpretable features such as those that commonly occur in search (search keywords, filters) or pricing (number of rooms, location, price). It is not as interpretable with problems with very dense non-human interpretable features such as raw pixels or audio samples.

Aerosolve | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

AirMapView | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

AirMapView is a view abstraction that enables interactive maps for devices with and without Google Play Services. It is built to support multiple native map providers including Google Maps V2 and soon Amazon Maps V2. If a device does not have any supported native map provider, AirMapView will fallback to a web based map provider (currently Google Maps).

Synapse | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Synapse is Airbnb’s new system for service discovery. Synapse solves the problem of automated fail-over in the cloud, where failover via network re-configuration is impossible. The end result is the ability to connect internal services together in a scalable, fault-tolerant way.

This Airbnb open source project Synapse comes with a number of watchers, which are responsible for service discovery. The synapse watchers take care of re-configuring the proxy so that it always points at available servers. We’ve included a number of default watchers, including ones that query zookeeper and ones using the AWS API. It is easy to write your own watchers for your use case, and we encourage submitting them back to the project.

Polyglot.js | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Polyglot.js is a tiny I18n helper library written in JavaScript, made to work both in the browser and in CommonJS environments (Node). It provides a simple solution for interpolation and pluralization, based off of Airbnb’s experience adding I18n functionality to its Backbone.js and Node apps. Polyglot has zero dependencies.

This Airbnb open source project Polylglot is agnostic to your translation backend. It doesn’t perform any translation; it simply gives you a way to manage translated phrases from your client- or server-side JavaScript application.

Nerve | Top Airbnb Open Source Projects

Nerve is a utility for tracking the status of machines and services. It runs locally on the boxes which make up a distributed system, and reports state information to a distributed key-value store.  The combination of Nerve and Synapse make service discovery in the cloud easy!

This top Airbnb open source projects list was prepared with inputs from Airbnb nerds blog page. Use our comment section below to share your views. Let us know if we missed out any popular open source project from Airbnb.

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