Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Vs 4070 Ti Vs 3080 Ti: Better Price Or Performance

Nvidia rtx 4080 vs 3080 Ti vs 4070 Ti

Nvidia finally revealed their next-gen graphic cards from the RTX 4000 series. The company has also re-released its ‘unlaunched’ RTX 4080 (12GB) GPU as the $799 RTX 4070 Ti. So let’s compare all the latest GPU models of RTX 4080 vs RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 4070 Ti vs RTX 3080 in terms of specs and performance.

According to Nvidia, the new RTX 4080 is 2-4x times better than the RTX 3080 Ti, which is not exactly correct. The company also claims that the RTX 4070 Ti is faster than the RTX 3090 Ti. However, Nvidia is also known for making such claims based on their parameters.

So these claims will have to be tested by independent reviewers. Until then, let’s take a look at how the new RTX 4080 GPU compares to its predecessors. You can also check out our comparison article on RTX 4090 vs. 3090.

Update: RTX 4080 (12GB) changed to RTX 4070 Ti.

RTX 4080 Vs RTX 4070 Ti Vs RTX 3080 Ti (Specs)

Nvidia RTX GPUsRTX 4080 RTX 4070 TiRTX 3080 TiRTX 3080
Price $1,199$799$899$699
NVIDIA CUDA Cores9,7287680102408704
Clock Speed Boost: 2.51 GHz
Base: 2.21 GHz
Boost: 2.61 GHz
Base: 2.31 GHz
Boost: 1.67 GHz
Base: 1.37 GHz
Boost: 1.71 GHz
Base: 1.44 GHz
Memory Interface Width256-bit192-bit384-bit320-bit
ArchitectureAda LovelaceAda LovelaceAmpereAmpere
Ray Tracing Cores113 RT-TFLOPs
3rd Generation
3rd Generation
2nd Generation
2nd Generation
Tensor cores780 Tensor-TFLOPs
4th Generation
641 Tensor-TFLOPs
4th Generation
320 Tensor-TFLOPs
3rd Generation
272 Tensor-TFLOPs
3rd Generation
Graphics Card Power320W285W350W320W
Required System Power 750W700W750W750W

Should you buy the new RTX 4080?

RTX 4080 vs 3080 Ti vs 4070 Ti

Nvidia claims that its new GPUs are two times faster for regular gaming and four times faster when using ray-tracing. According to the CEO, the RTX 4080 gives three times the performance of the 3080 Ti on Nvidia’s Racer X. However, it still uses 10% less power than the 3080 Ti, thanks to the new Lovelace architecture.

This change is a significant improvement over the previous generation, but don’t reach for your wallets just yet. Nvidia has only released high-end RTX 4000 GPUs for a reason. That’s because most gamers prefer mid-range GPUs like the RTX 3060 or 3070, and they have a whole year of stock left.

However, demand for GPUs has dropped across the board since the pandemic era. Demand has dropped even further after the Etherium mining crash. And what happens when Supply overcomes demand: Price drops.


Even the RTX 4070 Ti GPU will launch at the price point of $799, which is still $200 more than the RTX 3070 Ti. However, the 4070 Ti launches without a founder’s edition GPU. So the GPU will only be available through partners, which might drive the price point further than $799.

The RTX 4000 series is very powerful, no doubt, but not many games can take advantage of this power. The only AAA game that needs it is Microsoft Flight Simulator VR. So it is a better choice to wait for a sale or a price drop before making any big purchase.

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