Nokia Sues Apple For Violating 32 Smartphone Patents


Short Bytes: Nokia has filed several lawsuits aimed at Apple. The company claims that the iPhone maker infringed 32 Nokia patents in their Apple products. This incident was preceded by an Apple lawsuit aimed at Nokia, which claimed that Finnish smartphone maker is using patent troll tactics to extort money.

In 2011, Nokia and Apple settled their patent battle when Apple agreed to pay licensing royalties for using some Nokia patents in iPhones.

Now, Nokia is back with the patent fight once again. The company has filed multiple lawsuits inspired by 32 patents that cover a broad range of technologies like chipset, video coding, software, UI, antenna, etc.

Nokia has filed the lawsuits in courts in Germany and the US. In its press release, Nokia has said that after agreeing to a license covering some patents in 2011, Apple has declined its offers to license other patented inventions used in Apple’s products.

On the other hand, an Apple spokesperson has said that the company is willing to pay a ‘fair price’ for the patents covering the technology, but Nokia is using the patent troll tactics to extort the money.

Before Nokia filed the lawsuits, Apple filed suits in a US court, alleging that Nokia excluded some patents from the 2011 agreement and transferred them to third-party companies that are trying to extort money from Apple.

It’s noteworthy that the 2011 settlement was valued at around $750 million.

Does this look like the return of patent wars in the smartphone industry? Don’t forget to share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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