21 Weird Apple Products You Never Knew Existed

Image: The Trad

Apple did various product experiments in its early years. They tried their clothing lines and some limited stuff. But many people don’t know about those things. Here are 21 products Apple created in the past.

It is not only Nokia having a history of creating unusual products. Apple has also had the history of making some bizarre products. In the case of Nokia, the company actually released most of the designs, the Cupertino was patient enough to keep some of the concepts and prototypes in the R&D locker itself.

Before you proceed, here are some Apple facts you might want to read.

1. Monitor that looks like a low budget Google Home

Image: Hartmut Esslinger

This is one of the product designs by Hartmut Esslinger who co-founded Frog Design Inc.

2. TimeBand: Apple iWatch’s Daddy

Image: Zac Davies/Flickr

This sort of smartwatch was a scrapped-off idea from the time when John Sculley was the CEO of Apple.

3. Dual-Screen Monitor of the 80s

Image: Hartmut Esslinger

This thing proves Apple wanted to do something better than others.

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4. The Pre-iPhone and Pre-iPad era: MacPhone

Image: Hartmut Esslinger

On the left is the Apple Snow White 1 Tablet Mac and on the right is the Apple Snow White 3 MacPhone. These devices were never released, but it shows Apple might’ve actually planned the iPad in the 80s.

5. Bashful

Image: Hartmut Esslinger

The device lived up to its name and didn’t come to the market out of shyness.

6. Apple OneScanner

Image: Popcorn.cx

It was Apple’s line of flatbed scanners released in the 1990s.

7. Apple Printer

Image: Wikimedia Commons

SilenType was the first Apple printer. It was released in March 1980 and was sold at $599.

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