Nothing Phone (1) Won’t Come To The U.S.

How And Where To Watch Nothing Phone (1) Launch?
Image: MKBHD

Yes. You read that right. Carl Pei’s Nothing Phone (1) won’t come to North America. Last week, Nothing teased images of its upcoming phone, and a day after, a video revealed its back design. Then came MKBHD’s video further describing the intention behind the quirky design and the glowing LED pattern. All that surely got us hyped for the upcoming phone.

But Alas! Nothing Phone (1) will stay in the Europe and UK markets, far away from the U.S. Evan Blass shared the news on Twitter earlier, after which PCMag confirmed the sad news for U.S smartphone enthusiasts.

The problem seems to be with carrier regulation and approvals, which inhibits a fairly new brand like Nothing to sell handsets in North America.

Why did Carl Pei decide to keep the Nothing Phone (1) away from the U.S.?

PCMag contacted Nothing to confirm the news about the phone not arriving in the U.S. market. Carl Pei’s company confirmed its decision to not sell the phone in the U.S. The company statement clearly mentioned that Pei would love to launch the phone globally, but sadly they couldn’t strike a deal with the U.S. carriers.

The statement highlights that they have strong partnerships with the U.K. and European carriers. Moreover, Nothing wants the fans to unite and request U.S. carriers to do something about it. It also mentions that the company intends to launch a U.S.-supported smartphone in the future.

Nothing Phone (1)
Image: MKBHD

We have big plans to launch a US-supported smartphone in the future. For now, a limited number of our private community investors in the U.S. will be able to get their hands on phone (1) through a closed beta program,” reads an excerpt from the statement given to PCMag.

OnePlus was an enthusiast-loved brand that soon became just another smartphone brand. Carl Pei wants to bring that enthusiast-grade smartphone era back (we hope he does). Even the back design of the Nothing Phone (1) confirms that the company spent a good amount of time perfecting it. Sadly, the phone won’t come to the U.S. markets for now. However, MKBHD’s video makes the phone appear even more enticing than it already is.

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