National Cinema Day! Moviegoers Grab Your Tickets For Just $3

National Cinema Day
Image: AMC

National Cinema Day is set to celebrate filmgoers and the film industry, which has had a difficult few years. And the first-ever National Cinema Day is scheduled for September 3, 2022. Beginning in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the shutdown of film productions and movie theatres alike, resulting in a massive drop in revenue.

With pandemic restrictions lifted in the United States in recent months, moviegoers have returned in droves. While some blockbuster films, such as Top Gun: Maverick and Thor: Love and Thunder, were released in the summer of 2022, the most recent box office statistics were pretty low.

Last weekend’s entire box office gross was only $54 million, while this weekend’s total box office gross was $52.7 million. As pandemic limitations are no longer a major factor in viewers not visiting cinemas, the cause for these low numbers may most certainly be linked to the films currently in theatres – or, perhaps, to the expense of movie tickets.

Grab your tickets for only $3

National Cinema Day will see participating locations selling movie tickets for as little as $3 to entice more people to return to theatres. The Cinema Foundation (via Variety) announced the initiative, which is a non-profit division of the National Association of Theatre Owners. The $3 ticket event is the first of its kind on a national scale. It will include both chain and independent cinemas.

Jackie Brenneman, President of the Cinema Foundation, said:

“After this summer’s record-breaking return to cinemas, we wanted to do something to celebrate moviegoing. We’re doing it by offering a ‘thank you’ to the moviegoers that made this summer happen and by offering an extra enticement for those who haven’t made it back yet.”

With box office numbers so low in the last two weeks, a national incentive to get moviegoers back into theatres could be just what the film industry needs. With movie tickets starting at around $10, getting a ticket for a theatrical release for only $3 is a massive saving.

Thus allowing audiences to see films such as Top Gun: Maverick, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Invitation, and Beast for more than a 70% discount.

Hopefully, the National Cinema Day initiative will be enough of an incentive for audiences to flock to their local theatres on September 3rd, providing the film industry with the needed box office weekend.

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