Should You Build The Dendro Traveler? Best Artifacts, Swords, And More

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The nation of wisdom, Sumeru, is finally here in Genshin Impact. It brings lots of new locations and storylines we’ve been looking forward to since the Golden Apple Archipelago event. With thousands of freemogems to collect and fun events to take part in, a question that most people may have is, “How good is the Dendro Traveler?”

Did Hoyoverse finally listen to the requests of people and make the Dendro Traveler great, or are they no different from their Inazuma and Mondstadt counterparts? (Geo Traveler was pretty good). In this article, let’s look at if you should build the Dendro Traveler or not. Let’s also look at some of the best weapons, artifacts, and skill sets for him.

Should You Build the Dendro Traveler?

The short answer is yes. Dendro skillset might just be one of the best Traveler skillsets in the game. That said, for the people who want to build them as DPS, you might be in for a disappointment. Dendro Traveler works best as a support unit. However, that doesn’t mean that their damage is measly. When paired with the right characters, Dendro Traveler can be an awesome addition to your team.

Coming to how their kit works. The elemental skill “Razorgrass Blade” is mostly helpful for producing Dendro particles for the elemental burst. The burst drops a “lotus lamp” that deals Dendro AoE damage and lasts for nine seconds. The elemental burst works best when paired with Hydro and Electro attacks.

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Hydro increases the AoE of the elemental burst, and Electro increases the lamp’s attack speed. However, you shouldn’t pair it with Pyro characters like Xiangling, as you won’t be able to get the most out of the elemental burst by doing so.

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Not to mention, Dendro Traveler is going to be an incredible asset in exploring Sumeru. A lot of puzzles and mechanisms require Dendro application, and if you don’t like Collei, Dendro Traveler is your best bet. Summing up, here are the reasons to build the Dedro Traveler

Reasons to build Dendro Traveler

  • Great support character when paired with Electro and Hydro.
  • Good for initial Sumeru exploration.
  • Very easy to level up and ascend.
  • C6 unlocks insane support and damage potential.
  • Can work very well with upcoming characters like Cyno.

Best Weapons for Dendro Traveler

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Right off the bat, the focus should be on energy recharge, and we already have great free-to-play weapons that scale off the same. The best weapon for Dendro Traveler for f2p players is the Sacrificial Sword. Why? It can help generate double the Dendro particles thanks to its immediate CD cooldown skill. Other options are Favonious Sword, Sapwood Blade, and Freedom Sworn (Whale noises).

  • Sacrificial Sword ( 61.3% ER and 454 ATK)
  • Favonious Sword ( 61.3% ER and 454 ATK)
  • Sapwood Blade ( 30.6% ER and 564 ATK)
  • Freedom Sworn ( 198 EM and 608 ATK)

Best Artifacts for Dendro Traveler

The best artifacts for Dendro Traveler are the 4PC Sumeru-exclusive “Deepwood Memories.” Prioritize Crit Rate/Damage on the Circlet, Dendro damage on the Goblet, and Energy Recharge on Sands. You can also use an off-piece Dendro Damage Goblet if you have one.

Another set that’s worth trying is the 4PC Glided Dreams, with similar stats and sub-stats as Deepwood Memories.

What are your thoughts on the Dendro Traveler? Did you expect him to be more powerful, or is he pretty good? Let us know in the comments section below.

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