Did NASA Fake The Moon Mission and Human Landing?

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Short Bytes: The most extraordinary event that took place in the history of mankind has been a subject of criticism as it has been titled as a hoax, based on different conspiracy theories given in the past decades. The event is NASA’s Apollo Moon mission conducted between 1969 to 1972. Blaming NASA based only on the assumed conspiracy theories only contributes to the act of injustice against a miraculous work done by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon, this is all we know about the very first space mission conducted in the history of humans. And you never had the urge to know who was the second and the third person to perform the “Moon Walk”. Well, it is not a topic of much concern as the whole mission is “said” to be faked by NASA, as various conspiracy theories have evolved over the past decades, and the most extraordinary event in the history of mankind is quite reluctant to prove its innocence, as we can assume, because the question about the genuineness of the Moon mission is still unable to proceed towards a proper explanation.

Now the very first thought that pops in our minds is, what was the need that compelled NASA to fake the Moon mission? Well there are many, but the most important one is the Space Race in which they were competing USSR, and to win the race, they simply faked the moon mission, as it is said, because the probability to successfully land on the moon was only 0.0017%, as claimed by the book “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle”, self-published by Bill Kaysing in 1976. And as a counter move Russia started investing their resources to successfully complete their very first moon mission involving humans.

The very first organizations to accuse NASA and expostulate the fact that their Moon mission was a bona fide, was the Flat Earth Society, who argued the whole hoaxed mission was performed at the Walt Disney Studios, Hollywood. directed by Stanley Kubrick.

“The mass media catapult these half-truths into a kind of twilight zone where people can make their guesses sound as truths. Mass media have a terrible impact on people who lack guidance,” writes Linda Dégh, who contended that the spacecraft shown in the images had the appearance quite similar to the one used in the movie Capricorn One (1978), in which a spacecraft went on a hoaxed mars mission that was actually a government conspiracy, but in my personal opinion, the spacecraft’s resemblance may only be a matter of coincidence.

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Another reason why NASA would have faked the Moon mission was to maintain the inflow of cash, as the project was estimated to cost $30 billion at that time, and they also had to effectuate Kennedy’s desires, “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth”. Another assumption made is that NASA faked the moon mission to distract people from the Vietnam war which was in simultaneous operation at that time, but the two operations terminated around the same, which I assume may be a mere coincidence.

The Reasons

There are many claims made that may prove NASA is the culprit in the Moon mission conspiracy:

  1. No blast craters formed while landing: The images of the lunar modules do not depict any blast craters or any signs of dust craters which could have formed while performing the landing operation.nasa fake landing
  2. Van Allen radiation belt: Conspiracy theorists question how NASA managed to transport the astronauts through the Van Allen radiation belt, as the radiation would’ve killed them inside the spacecraft no matter how sturdy and highly engineered the spacecraft was. Van Allen radiation belt is a layer of charged particles that are held together by earth’s magnetic field, exists in two layers, the inner layer and the outer layer.van allen belt
  3. No stars in any of the images: NASA captured a whole lot of images while they were on the Moon mission, but none of them feature any stars, and empower the arguments given by the conspiracy theorists that the whole Moon mission shot in a studio. NASA’s point in this regard is the low picture quality of the images which might’ve removed the stars while they were being edited. But NASA should know that some pictures were in very good quality and lacked stars.no stars
  4. Flapping of the United States flag: When the astronauts landed on the Moon hoisted the American flag on the surface of the Moon, but on a scientific note, Moon doesn’t have air in its atmosphere which contradicts the fact that the flag was flapping in the images captured. NASA says that it was due to the momentum and inertia created while the astronauts were busy planting the flag on the Moon’s surface.flag flapping
  5. Same background: Some of the pictures published by NASA, they claim to have taken several miles apart, share the same background which quite impossible. The evidences only suggest that NASA used the same background for multiple pictures. On NASA’s part of the story, they claim that Moon is comparatively smaller than earth, the horizons appear closer to the human eye than they appear on the earth. Despite NASA’s scientific explanation, it is hard to swallow that how similar can be two images which are taken miles apart.identical background nasa moon mission
  6. The Lunar Rocks: On the return trip from the Moon, the astronauts bought some rock pieces from the Moon’s surface, but the appearance of the return gifts bought by the astronauts do exhibit similitude with the ones found on the earth’s surface.nasa moon rocks
  7. Visible studio lights: Conspiracy theorists claimed to have identified studio lights visible in the above shot in the top left corner.“Okay, let’s take a step back. NASA’s going to release a picture showing studio lights? Hello! The odd lights in the picture are simply lens flares,” said Roger Launius from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, while taking to National Geographic.moon mission
  8. The C-shaped rock: One more picture that become quite popular was of a rock with the letter C embedded on it. NASA officially claimed it to be an act of the person who edited the photograph, might’ve done this for fun. Another reason they gave was that a hair might’ve fallen on the photograph during the development process. Although NASA has their part to say, but the letter C in the picture is perfectly symmetrical which only contradicts their explanation.c shaped rock

NASA’s Innocence!

Blaming NASA for the reasons based solely on the conspiracy theories only depicts our narrow-minded mentality, here are some valid reasons that prove NASA’s Moon mission was real for sure:

  1. Spotted by other spacecrafts: The Moon landings have been spotted by other spacecrafts like China’s Chang’e 2 lunar probe.
  2. Happy Face: The above picture or selfie, we can assume, is of Neil Armstrong after he completed his first moon walk. And I don’t think someone can fake expressions of a Moonwalk without experiencing it.neil armstrong
  3. High-Quality pictures released: The picture released just after the Moon mission were criticized for how low quality and distorted they were, but at the 40th anniversary of the first of the first Moon landing, NASA released some high-quality images that were remastered to be phenomenal.nasa moon mission high quality
  4. The landing site is still visible: NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter launched on June 18, 2009, which revolves around the Moon has taken pictures depicting the actual landing site of the Apollo spacecraft. The bright spot in the image below.apollo 11 landing site
  5. The Perfect Match: The Japanese Moon orbiter named Koguya, successfully matched the images obtained from NASA with the 3D map it generated while orbiting the Moon, and the two images were exactly same, as it obvious.

There are speculations that the data collected by Apollo 11 along with the blueprints and designs of the involved machine are nowhere to be found. The original high-quality footage which contained the first moon walk is also missing, which only strengthens the arguments presented by various conspiracy theories.

Further questions regarding the relative technological development status between the United States and the USSR at the time of the Apollo program have been raised, in fact the USSR was way ahead in terms of available technologies to land a manned craft on the Moon, yet never able to land one on the Moon, as cited by Bart Sibrel. And only adds to how relevant are the various conspiracy theories evolved as an upshot of the Apollo Moon mission.

NASA’s Response!

After the series of allegations against their Apollo Moon mission, NASA did responded with a fact sheet of their space travel, and claimed the rocks they collected from the Moon’s surface as one of the corroborations, contributing to the portfolio of the evidences they presented to prove their part, and that the conspiracy theories were only an absurd portray.

Winding Up!

After almost four decades, it is baffling to comprehend that one of the most extraordinary affairs in the human history is still a topic of a ludicrous discussion. The truth is only known to the NASA officials, whether they compromised their ethics, just to gain some popularity and win the space race defeating the Russians, or they created history by successfully landing the Apollo spacecraft on the Moon along with some human beings. We only have the right to assume and think, whether one of the biggest events was a complete hoax, a government conspiracy just to content their capacity for money and to be adored by the general public, or they fancied the dream of augmenting the realm of human beings way beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Watch the video released by NASA on the 40th anniversary of its Apollo Moon mission:

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