PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Will Get Sandstorms From May 12

PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Will Get Sandstorms From May 12

PUBG Mobile recently released the 0.18.0 update that introduced some significant visual changes in Miramar map. However, on May 12, PUBG Mobile will add one more thing in Miramar, which is the Sandstorm effect. 

Tencent confirmed that from May 12 onwards, random areas in Miramar would be affected by deadly sandstorms. Also, on the same day, PUBG Mobile will host a 24-hour live stream on its official YouTube channel.

Previously, Tencent introduced Cold blizzard in PUBG Mobile Arctic mode. And now, it looks like PUBG Mobile is following the same approach by introducing sandstorms in Miramar.

Tips To Survive Sandstorms In Miramar

From May 12 onwards, PUBG Mobile players will have to be extra careful in Miramar. That is because Sandstorms can hurt you in a lot of ways and eventually make you lose the game. Nevertheless, here are some survival tips for surviving the sandstorms In Miramar and conquering the desert.

  • Find A Shelter: Stay low during a Sandstorm by staying inside a shelter. You certainly don’t want to be caught out in the open with no place to hide
  • Drive Slowly: Sandstorms reduce visibility. So if you’re driving while the sandstorm rages, then you should at least go slowly.
  • Wear Protective Gear: If, for some reason, you wish to move out during a sandstorm, then wear high-level equipment because high-speed winds and sand can hurt you.

What’s more, is that PUBG Mobile Season 13 is scheduled to go live on May 13, which will also introduce Toy Playground Royale Pass. So, it looks this week is going to be extremely exciting for like PUBG Mobile players.

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