This Map Shows Which Is The Most Valuable Brand In Your Country


Short Bytes: Using the data from Brand Finance, has created a map that shows the biggest and most valuable brands in selected countries. The top three brands in the map are Google, Samsung, and ICBC. The countries on the map have been colored and resized according to the brand value.

Earlier this year in February, the Brand Finance announced that Google is the world’s most valuable brand. Google, which was at the second position last year, managed to beat the long-time leader Apple. Apart from Google’s its own growth, this shuffle was also inspired by Apple’s own drop.

Based on that data, has created an informative map that shows the biggest and most valuable brand in your country. It clearly shows that Google has taken the top spot from Apple with a 24% increase in value.

The map reflects the global economic dominance of the U.S. The next-biggest national brand is Samsung, the South Korean giant. Its value is a little less than two-thirds of the size of Google. The third place is occupied by the Chinese bank ICBC.

Let’s take a look at the map:

Which Is The Most Valuable Brand In Your Countrymost valuable brand map 2017

How to read this map?

The map shows the biggest brand in countries. Each company name shown here is the most valuable brand in that country. The size of each country has been changed to depict the global value of the brands. So, bigger is more valuable. The countries have been color coded to the value.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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