Meta Quest 3 Gets Leaked: Everything You Need To Know

Successor to the most popular Standalone VR headset.

Meta Quest 3 leak Everything You Need to know
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Meta’s next-generation VR headset has been leaked, and no, it’s not the rumored Meta Quest Pro. The leak shows CAD images of Meta Quest 3, a successor to the company’s most popular VR headset. The new Meta Quest 3 is set to arrive sometime in 2023.

The Meta/Oculus Quest 2 is arguably the best VR headset in the market. The reason for its popularity is its low price and standalone features. The Meta Quest 3 will also be a standalone VR headset that won’t need a gaming PC to play VR games.

This leak comes from hardware analyst Bradley Lynch who also leaked info about the Meta Quest Pro. According to Lynch, Meta plans to launch two Quest VR headsets, codenamed Stinson and Cardiff. The VR headsets are scheduled to release in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

According to his sources, Codename Stinson refers to the Meta Quest 3, which will come in 2023. Take these leaks with a grain of salt, as many things can change during development. However, the timing of this leak couldn’t have been better, as we are just weeks away from Meta’s Connect event.

It is expected that the company was going to reveal the Meta Quest Pro during the event. However, now there’s a chance we will also see the Meta Quest 3 during the event.

Meta Quest 3 will have mixed reality

The Meta Quest 3 features two black-and-white cameras, two RGB cameras, and a depth sensor in the front. These cameras will bring the full-color passthrough mode that is also coming to the Meta Quest Pro.

However, unlike the Quest Pro, the Quest 3 will not feature eye and face tracking as they require five additional sensors and an expensive chip. According to Lynch, eye and face tracking is too expensive for Meta Quest 3 (because it is a consumer-based product).

New Design

The Quest 3 also features pancake lenses that will make the headset even more compact similar to the Quest Pro. Unfortunately, it seems the company is still relying on the bad-quality soft strap for the VR headset. Users will now likely be forced to rely on third-party head straps.

According to Lynch, the Quest 3 will come with two LCD panels compared to Quest 2, which only has a single LCD panel. Lynch believes these displays will be counter-rotated to increase the field of view of the VR headset.

Users will also be able to adjust their IPDs through a wheel at the bottom of the headset. Lynch also pointed out three contacts at the bottom of the headset that suggest the Quest 3 will be compatible with the Meta Quest Pro’s charging station.

The Quest 3 will also get an upgraded processor: the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. According to Lynch’s sources, there might also be a higher-tier Quest 3 version with 512GB SSD and 12GB RAM. Let us know which headset you want: the Meta Quest Pro or Meta Quest 3.

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