Model Y Vs Model S: Here’s The Real Heat Pump Test In Snow Condition

It is a common statement that Tesla Model Y has the most efficient heat pump. But is it really more efficient than Tesla Model S, 3, and X? I can’t say anything about Model 3 and Model X. However, we’ll find out between Model Y and Model S.

Most of the experts claimed that the Model Y will have the most efficient heat pump ever. Even Tesla itself said that it is the only vehicle with a heat pump which will help in achieving better efficiency than other models. Finally, we have this video posted on YouTube channel DÆrik. The YouTuber has compared both the Model Y and Model S by preconditioning these electric cars covered in snow. However, the results can be astonishing for many.

Without ado, here’s a video of heat pump testing in the snow:

Tesla Model Y Vs. Model S (Heat Pump Test)

As told by the YouTuber, the purpose of making this video was not to see which car heater removes the snow quickly. Instead, it was to check that after removing all the snow, which car is left with a higher battery percentage. In simple words, how much range it lost or how much battery preconditioning both Model Y and Model S consume after heating the whole cabin.

Model Y uses the latest heat pump, which Tesla claims is more efficient compared to other models. On the other hand, all other models, including the Model S, use a resistive heating system to heat up the cabin.

The main objective of introducing this main component ‘heat pump’ in Model Y was to improve efficiency in colder regions. However, the results that we saw tell a different story.

Although the new heat pump was quicker in removing the snow slab from the Model Y, the final calculations reveal that it does so at the cost of consuming more kilowatt-hours of battery life.

On the other hand, the resistive heating system in Model S was very quiet as well as slow during the whole operation. However, it consumed less energy in removing the ice.

Apart from that, the blokes used a thermal imaging camera to read the temperature of the car.

Model Y Model S heat pump snow condition review

The Final Story

Well, to sum it up, after 60 minutes of preconditioning challenge, it turns out that Model S consumed 29 miles in the one hour test that equates to 9.6 kWh. Whereas the Model Y consumption rated 280 Wh per mile, which is around 39 miles that equates to 10.9 kWh of battery life.

Model Y was supposed to be more efficient. However, the calculations are in favor of Model S. Moreover, we can say that the heated pumps in Model Y do not operate with the best efficiency in supercold regions.

However, some viewers commented that heat pumps are more efficient when the cars are in a moving state or maybe the fast rate by which Model Y was preconditioned leads to more consumption.

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