Apple Music Web Version Launched Officially To Rival Spotify

Apple Music Web

The web version of Apple music has finally exited the beta version and is available as a stable version now. The beta version of the Apple Music web was launched in September 2019. If you enter the previous beta version address (, you will be directed towards the stable version of Apple Music at

To listen to your favorite songs and have access to your playlists, you just need to sign in to the Apple Music web version. For that, you need an Apple ID and an Apple Music subscription.

The best part about the Apple Music web version, as mentioned by MacRumors, is that it looks and works the same way as the desktop app does. Thus, it extends support for platforms including Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Linux as the official Apple Music app is not available for these platforms.

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Apple Music Web vs. Spotify Web

Spotify is another online music streaming service is the closest and fiercest competitor of Apple Music. It is a bit easy to use Spotify Web player when compared to Apple Music Web as the latter requires you to go through a lengthy procedure including signing in.

Firstly, you have to create an Apple ID, which takes some time, and then, you need to choose a subscription of Apple Music. However, You can get the Apple Music subscription for free under the trial period.

On the other hand, to use Spotify Web, you just need to create an account and start streaming the music for free. You can buy the subscription for Spotify if you want to enjoy ad-free music.

In the case of Apple Music, it is mandatory to have a subscription as without a subscription, you’ll not be able to play the complete songs and only get a preview clip of 30 to 40 seconds.

It will be easy for you to use the web version of Apple Music if you already have an Apple ID. In case you’re a new user, you will not be charged for the first three months as it comes under the free trial period.

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