‘Mitron’ Not An Indian App, Rebranded Version Of Pakistan’s TicTic App

Mitron app

The Indian TikTok alternative Mitron that recently crossed 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store has been found to be a rebranded version of a Pakistani app named TicTic.

As per the latest reports by The Quint, The Mitron app’s original name was TicTic and it was created by a Pakistani-firm named QBoxus.

The founder of QBoxus, Irfan Sheikh has said that the alleged creator of Mitron, Shivank Agarwal, purchased the source code of the app from him at a price of $34.

Irfan said that he has no issues with the creator and the rebranding of the app, he just wants to clarify that the app is not created in India.

He concluded his statement by saying that the person who rebranded the app has not made any major changes in the app too.

One of the major drawbacks of the app is that it has no active privacy policy which means the creators will never know what will be done with their videos.

Mitron app raked in more than 5 million downloads as it was popularized that the app has been developed by an Indian from IIT Roorkee. The webpage of Mitron’s developer on Google Play Store redirects to a website names shopkiller.in where one will only find a blank page.

In our tests, the app is found ridden with a lot of bugs and the editing interface of the app is also poor. A lot of people gave a high rating to the app just because they thought it’s an Indian app only to satisfy their anti-TikTok and anti-China sentiments.

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