Scratch Blocks — Google And MIT Develop An Open Source Programming Language For Young Learners

scratch blocks Windows
scratch blocks Windows

scratch blocks Windows

Short Bytes: Google and MIT have come up with a programming language called Scratch Blocks for kids. It is based on the Google’s Blockly technology which was launched back in 2007 and had designer interfaces. This interface helps kids to learn a programming language better and faster than textual learning.

MIT and Google in collaboration with each other are developing a programming language for children which is totally graphical in nature. This programming language is easy to learn because of its graphical nature and has been named “Scratch Blocks

Even before the launch of the Google Annual developer preview, Scratch Blocks was released as an open-source developer preview and already a total of 120 young developers are enjoying it.

Scratch Blocks have been built on Google’s Blockly technology which was launched back in 2007 with creative designer interfaces for young kids for learning programming.

Using Blocky, children could easily learn logics, conditionals, flows and loops which are the building logics for a programming language.

scratch blocks

The reason that Google and MIT can think of about visual learner than teaching a programming language because a textual language needs a precise syntax and semantics whereas a visual learner creates programs in the form of blocks and converts them into another language.

With these nerdy inventions, the companies which are into making products for kids like Hackaball and other robotic toys might start to incorporate these programmable elements into their products for the kids.

Once tech giants such as Google and renowned academic institutes like MIT are into this field, it might also give toy makers another reason to incorporate these elements.

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