MIT Engineers Showcase First-ever Airplane Without Moving Parts


Researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a plane which is capable of flying without any moving parts such as propellers, turbine blades, and fans, much like Star Trek.

The plane can fly without the use of moving parts with the help of the concept known as ionic wind.

What is ionic wind?

Ionic wind is the wind is generated in the air between two electrodes when current passes through them. Following this, when the voltage is applied, a sort of thrust is created which can lead to the movement of a small airplane without any moving parts.

How it works?

As for the demonstrated plane, the front part of the wings produces an apt amount of an electrical field in a portion called emitters to produce ionic wind. This will produce positively-charged ions which will eventually get attracted to the negative ones on the other end of the plane known as collectors.

The movement of ions will lead to the collision of molecules which will, in turn, cause the transfer of energy. It’ll create a thrust for the movement of the plane without any moving parts.

However, the concept of ionic wind is restricted to small-sized planes. Additionally, the model plane’s design was computer-driven with the use of lightweight materials in the making.

Here’s a video you can watch for further understanding:

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