“Default” Person For The “World’s Richest” Title Makes A Comeback

Bill Gates
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Update (July 28, 11:15 am IST): Bezos’ position as the world’s richest person was snatched after Amazon’s stock came down by 1% to $1,046, giving the title to Bill Gates.

As per the Forbes’ real-time Billionaires list, Gates was sailing with a net worth of $89.8 billion at the time of writing while Bezos secured the second place with $88.7 billion.

Original Story: Thanks to a surge in the shares of Amazon.com Inc. on Thursday morning, the company’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s wealth has surpassed that of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to become the world’s richest person.

According to Bloomberg, this surge has been noticed ahead of the company’s earning reports which will be released later today. It means that if the stock price of Amazon holds strong and doesn’t witness a dip when the market closes in the evening, the prominence of Bezos could be expected to last a little longer.

In case you’re interested in the numbers when the markets closed yesterday, Jeff Bezos’s fortune was $89 billion. On the other hand, Bill Gates wore the crown of the world’s richest with $90 Billion wealth. On Thursday, at 10:10 a.m. in New York, Amazon’s shares rose to $1,065.92 and helped Bezos achieve the title.

According to the estimates made by different analysts, Amazon is expected to post a quarterly revenue of $37.2 billion. The investors are keeping a close eye on Amazon’s progress and making their bets.

For those who don’t know, Bill Gates has held the top spot since May 2013. This recent change has also made Bezos the sixth man to hold the title over the past 30 years. He entered the list around 20 years ago.

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