Microsoft’s Destination Mars Lets You Walk On The Red Planet With The Help Of HoloLens

destination mars hololens microsoftShort Bytes: According to the claims made by the Microsoft at the recent Build 2016 conference, it seems that days are not so far when NASA will ask help from Microsoft to understand the Mars. Know how HoloLens from Microsoft is changing space exploration.

At Build 2016 Developer Conference, Microsoft announced a lot of upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update features along with update on Microsoft Hololens. At this conference, Microsoft has officially announced that its HoloLens development kits are shipping today, and a new example project will be available for buyers.

However, you have to be a qualified developer to buy this kit. Microsoft opened preorders for the Hololens for $3,000 last month to qualified developers in the US and Canada. These qualified developers will be able to develop and deploy extremely realistic holograms on the self-contained platform.

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Besides, the deployment of the realistic holograms, developers will also able to play with the Galaxy Explorer Project, which visualizes planets and shows off the HoloLens’ features. And that’s where the red planet Mars comes into the picture.

After announcing HoloLens in January of 2015. Microsoft offered hands-on demos of the headset at the Build 2016 conference. It showed a new augmented reality application like a Star Wars-esque holographic communicator.

It is still not sure when a consumer version of this holographic communicator will be available but getting developers on board is the first step toward making it a real platform.

Days are not so far when you will have the feel of walking on the dry red lands of the planet Mars and help NASA in understanding more about the Mars.

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