Microsoft Windows Ink Platform Will Change The Way You Use Your PC


windows 10 ink platformShort Bytes: At Build 2016 Developer Conference, Microsoft announced the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update. This Windows 10 Anniversary Update will include several new features and one of them is the new Windows Ink platform.

Some of the coolest things from Microsoft which people are looking forward to is the New Windows Ink Platform and Digital pen. Digital pen might give you a total freedom of typing on your Windows keyboard because you will just have to write using a pen and Windows 10 will be smart enough to recognize that.

Speculations are also high over what new things Facebook will do in the near future keeping Windows in view. So, Facebook might bring a common Windows app for the Facebook, Instagram, and Messanger.

Here are some of the high points of New Windows Ink platform and the Digital Pen:

windows 10 ink platform

Windows Ink can recognize text written using Pen and Cortana will make decisions based on it. For example, if you write Call lucy at 9pm on the sticky notes, Cortana recognizes that you wrote a reminder and adds a reminder by itself.

Ink workspace allows you to access your recent inking activities. With the new Windows Ink, you can use the pen, your fingertip, or both at once.

Many Windows apps like adobe apps, maps apps etc will recognize Windows Ink. And needless to say, it will be open for the developers for integrating their apps.

With these updates, Windows moves closer to OS X by ensuring that regular and steady updates are coming to Windows 10.

Here’s our complete coverage of Build Developer Conference 2016.

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