Intel’s New “Ruler” SSD Stores Up To 300,000 HD Movies, i.e., 1 Petabyte Data

intel ruler ssd

Short Bytes: Pushing its storage technology innovation one step further, Intel has unveiled a new SSD form factor. Called Ruler SSD due to its long and skinny shape, it can store up to 1PB of data with reduced power and cooling effort. The pricing and release date details haven’t been revealed by Intel.

Intel has recently announced its major advancements in data center storage technology. The new developments include the Ruler form factor for Intel SSDs, Intel Optane technology dual port SSDs, 3D NAND dual port SSDs, etc. Out of these, new Ruler form factor steals the limelight.

As tech giants are making a shift to solid state storage technologies, they are also ready to experiment with new ways of data storage. In the starting, the SSDs followed the classic hard drive form factor with 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. Intel Ruler form factor stores up to 1PB (Petabyte) in a 1U server, according to TechGage.

Aptly named so for its long and skinny shape, Ruler SSD delivers the most storage capacity for a server with lowest required power and cooling needs.

This next generation SSD will use Intel 3D NAND technology to store about 300,000 HD movies or about 70 years of continuous entertainment. As a comparison, achieving same storage with 10TB hard drive needs a loaded 100-bay 4U server.

At the moment, Intel has refrained itself from giving more details, pricing, and release date of Ruler SSDs.

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