Chrome Gets Better Image Search, Full-Screen PDF View, And More

chrome 104 update
Image: Google

Google Chrome has updated to version 104.0.5112.81. As always, the new update brings in a slew of features that will help you make the most out of Chrome. Google says that the new update will improve your Google Search experience. Along with that, users will be able to view PDF documents in full-screen mode.

New Changes in Chrome

The first noticeable change is in the method of searching for something on Chrome. Oftentimes it is hard to enter the exact search keyword for an image in the search bar. To make things easier, Chrome will now integrate the Google Lens feature into the browser. So, you can right-click on any image and use the “Search with Google Lens” option. The search engine will display the details of the image in a vertical section.

You can even select a portion of the image to search more about it and translate it. All these options appear below the image, and you can even copy the text content. A great use case for this will be translating/converting to text. You could easily obtain the textual content of any image using the lens feature.

Image: Chrome

Google Chrome now offers a ‘Present” feature to let you remove page distractions and focus on a document. Earlier it was only possible to zoom in and out, and you would still see the options. Now, you can enter full-screen mode using the present feature and read with more precision. You can use the arrow keys to navigate to the next or previous page.

Don’t see these features in your browser?

If you don’t see these features in your chrome browser, you need to update it. Click on the three vertical dots button to reveal the context menu. Then select the Help option and click on the About Google Chrome option. It will check for updates and then download and install the most recent one. You will have to relaunch the browser for the changes to reflect in your browser.

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