Microsoft Updates Xbox App To Tell If A Game Will Run On Your PC

Microsoft Updates Xbox App To Tell If A Game Will Run On Your PC
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The June update for the Xbox app for PC brings a couple of UI updates and some other notable changes. The company is adding a new game performance indicator to its Xbox app on Windows. It will let you know beforehand whether a gaming title works well on your computer or not.

Microsoft Xbox App will let you know the performance of a game

Xbox App Game Compatibility Indicator

As Microsoft mentioned in a blog post, you can easily check this before you go ahead and download the game. Although the listed system requirements are quite helpful they are just minimum system requirements mentioned by the developers to run the game.

The Microsoft Xbox app will now let you compare a game’s performance on your PC with similar specced PCs. You will now see a badge under the install button for games. It will let you know whether the game will run well on your PC or not.

Microsoft has been working on this feature for a while and the badge has been visible for months to people on Xbox Insider. Microsoft is rolling out the update gradually and you might see it soon.

As you can assume every game would not have the performance indicator immediately. “As we continue to learn about the performance of a game on similar PCs you may not see a performance check for every game until we have enough information to share a recommendation,” said Tilla Nguyen, Senior Product Manager, Xbox Experiences at Microsoft.

However, Microsoft has other alternatives like a performance fit indicator to determine whether your PC is capable of running games. In the update, Microsoft has made some tweaks to the navigation for better discovery of new games. You can now see a new queue in the bottom left of the app for the list of installed games.

As app navigation has mostly moved to the side menu, you’ll find collections like; “games to play together” and “side scrollers” in the main area of the app window. The search tool has been greatly improved and is now more accurate for finding games. Microsoft has added support for EA Play and Ubisoft Connect titles to be discovered easily.

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