Man 3D Prints His Own iPhone Continuity Camera Mounts Before Official Release

iPhone Continuity Camera
Image Credit:Jonathan Wight

Apple introduced us to many features during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022. Not only were we presented with the up-and-coming iOS 16, but also a brand new MacBook Air.

However, the one feature that got people most excited was the Continuity Camera. With this, video calling will become much more interesting, as you can use your iPhone as a webcam. 

3D Mounts for the Continuity Camera

If you want to try out the Continuity Camera and are too eager to wait for the official release of the accessory to help attach it to your computer, Jonathan Wight, a software engineer at Apple, has got you covered. 

Wight has developed 3D-printable mounts, which will work as a ‘temporary fix’ and let you stick your phone to your personal computer. The tool has a relatively simple design and comes with hooks that will mount the iPhone to your computer. The MagSafe charging puck slot will help you hold your phone in place, through which your smartphone device can focus on your face and desk.

For the ‘homemade’ version, you need to invest in a $40 MagSafe charging puck, and your phone will have a tail hanging down at the back of your screen. This also means that you could charge your iPhone while working it as a webcam if you want to.

What PCs will work for

According to Jonathan, he designed the accessory for the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro. He added that it is doubtful it would work with the 24-inch M1 iMacs due to their rectangular shape. On the other hand, the older iMacs have a seashell-shaped design.

To facilitate other users, he has uploaded the 3D files on GitHub. So, if you want to try it out for yourself, you can. Apple’s original Belkin will be designed to fit various monitor frames. While it is always best to wait for original accessories to get the best out of a feature, tech enthusiasts who want to test the beta version of iOS 16 can use this mount while waiting for the official release.

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