Project Bali: How Microsoft Is Planning To Give You Complete Control Of Your Data

microsoft project bali
Image: Microsoft

Data security and privacy are one of the hottest discussion points in the tech media. With the introduction of regulations like GDPR, tech giants are finding it challenging to let users easily access their own data whenever they want.

What is Microsoft’s Project Bali?

To make our access to a vast amount of data a lot easier, Microsoft is working on a project codenamed ‘Bali.’ Currently, in the private testing phase, this project is a part of the Microsoft Research division.

The project page (it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment) was first spotted by ZDNet (via Twitter user @never_released). Bali has been described as a project that can delete all your account information from company’s servers.

The project’s ‘About page’ further calls it a data bank that puts the user in control of his/her data. “It will allow the user to visualize, manage, control, share and monetize the data.”

Project Bali is based on the concept of Inverse Privacy, which states that a user’s data is inversely private if some party has access to it but the user doesn’t.

As said above, at the moment, the project is in its initial stage and you should take this news with a grain of salt. It goes without saying that not all internal projects turn into a reality and Project Bali might not be any different from them.

However, in the current times when companies like Facebook and Google are struggling with data breaches, Microsoft could follow Apple’s lead and make it a reality.

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