Linux Smartphone Necuno NC_1 Launched For Privacy And Freedom

necunos nc1

We earlier reported that Necuno is planning to launch a GNU/Linux-based smartphone aimed at privacy-focused individuals and enterprises. Well, the smartphone has been released today.

Necunos NC_1 is a community edition smartphone developed by Finland-based open-source company that ships with a choice of Linux-based operating systems.

Customers can choose from Plasma Mobile on Debian, Plasma Mobile on postmarketOS, Maemo Lese, Nemo Mobile, and LuneOS. These operating systems are still being developed and are intended for early adopters. You can also purchase Necunos NC_1 without any operating system.

According to the CEO of Necunos, the security-focused mobile devices would help enterprises, governmental organizations and journalists from constant threat and surveillance. It will allow them to communicate in hostile environments safely.

The official press release announcing the launch of the smartphone states that the sale will directly benefit the “communities, boosting growth and interest, unifying development efforts and part of the sale is donated directly to the organizations or to the target of their choosing.”

The Linux smartphone is the company’s answer to security flaws found in contemporary smartphones, mass surveillance, and the duopoly of Android and iOS in the smartphone world.

Necunos NC_1 is not meant for the mass market which is why the company has not provided any SIM card slots. For connecting to the internet, users can use Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The official website of Necuno says: “You are in control of the software running on the NC_1 and Necuno Solutions is not liable for any defects or bugs in the software.”

Further, NC_1 can also be availed with a detached screen for developers. The smartphone can be purchased for €1,199.00.

The company has also announced NE_1, the enterprise version with a custom-made hardened operating system and secure communications. It will be available only through the sales department.

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